The Halliwell-Shelton Violet Ray-Approved by the Medical Profession.

The Halliwell-Shelton Violet Ray-Approved by the Medical Profession.

This was quite an introduction that I have just read in the Halliwell-Shelton Violet Ray High Frequency Machine Manual dated 1915.

This Tesla Violet Ray High Frequency Machine "is a result of years of experience and experimentation on the part of expert engineers. This Violet Ray Generator is as perfect as experience and workmanship can make it and is designed for both professional and home use.It is recommended,used, and approved by the medical profession."

In fact this particular model was awarded First Prize at the Panama California Exposition in San Diego-1915.

Practically every Doctor in North America was using the Tesla Violet Ray machine, and selling them to their patients.

By the time Nikola Tesla died he had close to 700 patents. This however, was the only patent that was deemend quackery in the 1950's by the AMA.

Could this be because it was already patented and therefore there was no money to be made?
They actually also state in their manual "the healing properties of violet Rays are manifold,and they accomplish what drugs and medicines never can".

This is one of many articles that states that the Violet Ray deals with the cause of illness (which is a lack of oxygenation of the blood),compared to drugs which deal strictly with the symptoms.....thus creating negative side effects.

I guess the proof is in the pudding!!

Stay tuned for more on the Tesla Violet Ray.