How to Harness Static Electricity

Hi there everyone, people have often asked me how I came across the Violet Ray, so I thought that I would give you a short History.

While reading an article on static electricity, I decided to explore it further. This one article was written by Dr. David G. Williams who made a reference to the Star Trek Series. In one episode (and I remembered this one well) ,if someone on the ship was feeling ill, they went down to the infirmary where they lied on a table and an electronic device was scanned over them. I remember a sound as well as light. Like magic, within seconds they were healed.

Wow! I remembered thinking as a child how incredible it would be if something like this was true!

Dr.G.Williams talks about how simple it was to harness static electricity and not to underestimate it's power by its simplicity. He stated that one could take a piece of PVC pipe in one hand and rub it with a piece of fur in the other, and Presto you have static electricity.

With this charge one could manage their pain by slowing going over the body with this PVC pipe which carried static electricity, sit back and watch the speed healing occur. And speed heal it did!

After months of experimenting and seeing incredible results with respect to healing, it was time to move on to an electric model.

I needed something for the lazy man (lol). A plug in and go model. Something instant. I asked Vic to find a way to put this simple static electricity that we had fell upon into something that could be plugged in.

He remembered an antique medical device that he had sold at an auction 18 years prior when he was told that it was "quackery". He was not aware at the time that this antique medical device was invented by Nilola Tesla. The device known as the Violet Ray.

And so the Renaissance of the Violet Ray begins.......

Stay tuned,